Manufacturing Unions

Union workplaces are healthier and safer workplaces.  Research has proven it.  In Victoria, unions help workers to elect OHS reps, they provide information, advice and support to reps and can help with negotiations with the employer.  If you are not a union member - join now!

Here are the unions with coverage of the Manufacturing Industry:

 Name of Union 

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Phone Number (Melbourne) 

Australasian Meat Industry Employees' Union

 03 9662 3766

 AMWU Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union
(incorporating Metals & Manufacturing, Food & Confectionary, Printing, Technical, Surpervisory & Administrative, and Vehicle Divisions)

 03 9230 5700

Australian Workers' Union

 03 8327 0888

CEPU (ETU Division) Electrical Trades Division

 03 9347 9555

CEPU (Plumbing Division) Plumbers' Union

 03 9662 3388

CFMEU  Manufacturing 

 1800 060 556

CFMEU (Pulp and Paper Workers' Branch)

(OHS website)

 03 9349 2488

United Workers Union
An amalgamation of United Voice and National Union of Workers 

 03 9235 7777

Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia

03 9347 3377

 Last amended March 2021