Labour Hire - Useful materials

September 2021 changes to the OHS Act

In changes which will come into effect on 22 March 2022, the OHS Act has been amended to address a gap in protection for labour hire workers. The definitions of “employer” and “employee” will be extended to ensure labour hire workers are considered both an employee of the host employer and the labour hire agency.

From 22 March 2022 labour hire agencies and host employers must consult, coordinate and cooperate with each other, so far as is reasonably practicable, where they share OHS duties to labour hire workers.

Casual Work OHS Survey:

VTHC has produced a short OHS survey for casual workers. HSRs may use and distribute this form for workplaces with a large amount of casual workers to gain a better understanding of the OHS difficulties experienced by casual workers.

From WorkSafe Victoria:

From the UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE):

The UK's HSE has published:

  • guidance for temporary or agency workers  and
  • advice for employers on Agency/temporary workers. The online guide targets employers using agency labour, but provides useful general advice to anyone interested in the issue. Subjects covered include agency workers and health and safety duties, risk assessments, consultation and cooperation, information and training, monitoring safety practices and controlling working hours. There are also some useful links.

Last amended September 2021