Hospitality - more information

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From WorkSafe Victoria:
  • Hospitality industry Topic Page
  • Advice for Managing Major Events Safely [pdf] -  a 64 page publication that provides practical information to major event organisers, venue owners and suppliers about the management of safety risks and meeting their duty of care through integrated event safety planning. The publication adopts a risk management approach to safety at major events.
  • Managing health and safety in Food Retail - a handbook for the Franchise Industry [pdf]

Other websites:

    • Australian Drug Foundation has information on alcohol at work policies.
    • Hospitality industry burn prevention guidelines
      The Alfred Hospital Vic adult burns service (VABS) has released guidelines to help kitchen workers minimise the damage sustained as a result of burns.  The guidelines [pdf] were launched in conjunction with EnergySafe Victoria and WorkSafe.
    • From the UK's HSE:
      • Preventing back pain and other aches and pains to kitchen staff
        Aimed at raising awareness amongst employers this guidance material from the UK's Health and Safety Executive offers practical information on good manual handling techniques and lifting aids that will be useful to any section of the hospitality industry. It also offers specific information for kitchen staff on significant risk areas such as pot washing, dishwashing, preparing food, storage and cleaning. The Guidance is a six page document [pdf]
      • A Recipe for Safety a free guide on health and safety in food and drink manufacture. This guide is for everyone in the industry, including workers, supervisors, managers, directors, health and safety professionals and health and safety representatives. The guidance covers the main health and safety hazards in the food and drink industries and gives practical advice on how to manage the associated risks. It provides a 'one-stop shop' reference document with links to more detailed guidance.
    • WorkCover Queensland Government:
    • WorkSafeACT:  A guidance note Portable Outdoor Gas Heaters [pdf] which provides guidance to workplaces for selecting, installing and using an outdoor gas-heating source. It also provides a safety check-list for the use of portable outdoor gasheaters.
    • From Work Safe Western Australia an OHS checklist for the catering industry
    • From WorkCover BC (Canada)
      • a series of posters for Room Attendants
      • Health and Safety for Hospitality - a guide designed for small businesses in the hospitality industry including hotels, motels, restaurants, and other food service establishments. It can be used by owners, employers, managers, supervisors, and workers to help prevent workplace accidents and injuries.
    • The European Agency for Health and Safety at Work has lots of resources on its website, for example: 
  • Report - Protecting workers in hotels, restaurants and catering (HORECA) [pdf]
  • Factsheet 79: Protecting workers in hotels, restaurants and catering [pdf]
  • E-fact 21 - Introduction to the HORECA Sector [pdf]
  • E-fact 22 - Safety and health risks in HORECA [pdf]
  • E-Factsheet 23 Good practice: Accident prevention in HORECA [pdf]
  • E-fact 24 - Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in HORECA [pdf]
  • E-fact 25 - Managing psychosocial risks in HORECA [pdf]
  • E-Factsheet 26 Dangerous Substances in HORECA [pdf]
  • E-fact 27 - Hot environments in HORECA [pdf]