Understanding OHS - Know the Law and your Rights

This section of the website has an overview and summary of OHS law both in Victoria and, for those whose work falls under the Comcare, the WHS Act: 

And your rights and powers as:

Creating Safer Workplaces
This section cover all the terminology and frameworks you need to apply your powers as a HSR and worker to make your workplace safer. 
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The OHS Compliance Framework (Act, Regs, Compliance Codes)
The main piece of legislation which covers occupational health and safety in most Victorian workplaces is the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2004.  To read...
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Not under the Victorian Compliance Framework?
This section covers ComCare, Model OHS Law and Codes of Practice. 
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Rights and Powers
OHS Reps (and workers more broadly!) have a host of rights and powers guaranteed by the OHS Act 2004, the OHS Regulations 2017 and various...
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Hierarchy of Control
The definition of hazard and risk:  A hazard is a situation or thing that has the potential to harm a person.  A risk is the...
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