The Hazards section has been divided into three key types of workplace health and safety hazard - physical hazards, psychosocial hazards and exposure hazards. Physical hazards includes things like slips and falls, exposure hazards includes things like dangerous chemicals, psychosocial hazards includes things like bullying and stress. 

Workplace conditions and climate change are important factors that should be considered in occupational health and safety.
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Exposure Hazards
Exposure hazards relate to hazards that you may not be able to touch but still need to be controlled in the workplace. Examples include hazards...
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Physical Hazards in the Workplace
Physical Hazards are the most common type of workplaces hazard. They include the things that you can touch in your environment such as slips, trips,...
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Psychosocial Hazards
Many modern workplaces have a number of hazards that put at risk the psychological health of workers. We refer to these as psychosocial hazards. As...
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