HSR Support

There are a number of ways you as the health and safety representative can find out what health and safety problems exist within your workplace. These include reviewing data which is already available, doing surveys or carrying out risk and body mapping. Go to the item below to find out how to map your workplace.

Tool Kit
The Tool Kit is a kit of practical tools including mapping, "how to..." and checklists to assist reps in the workplace. Much of the material can...
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Union Contact List
If you have an industry specific OHS issue, and you're a union member, it can be a great idea to get in touch with your...
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Contact OHS Unit
The VTHC OHS Unit is situated within the Victorian Trades Hall at the corner of Victoria and Lygon Streets in Carlton South.  Our email contact...
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EBA Clause Library
This compilation of OHS-related EBA clauses is meant to serve as a place to see how you might use your next EBA negotiations to achieve...
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Psych Health Survey Tool
Find everything you need to complete the psychological health survey with your DWG below. Printable survey handout Download the survey to distribute to your DWG...
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Your industry
What needs to be done to improve health and safety is common to all industries: Involvement of workers and commitment from management are needed to make it...
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