Union Contact List

If you have an industry specific OHS issue, and you're a union member, it can be a great idea to get in touch with your union directly. Your union will have a great understanding of the OHS issues that commonly affect your industry, and the most successful ways to navigate them.

To help make contacting your union as simple as possible, we've prepared a list of unions represented in Victoria, and a link to where you will be able to find their most up to date contact number.

CFMMEU Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union vic.cfmeu.org/forms/contact
ASU Australian Services Union www.asu.asn.au/contact
AEU Australian Education Union www.aeuvic.asn.au/user/contact-us
ANMF Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation www.anmfvic.asn.au/contact-us
TWU Transport Workers Union twu.asn.au/contact-us/
AWU Australian Workers Union www.awu.net.au/vic/contact-us/
AMIEU Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union https://amieuvic.com/contact-us/ 
AMWU Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union www.amwu.org.au/contact_us
MUA Maritime Union of Australia https://www.mua.org.au/forms/contact
FSU Finance Sector Union of Australia www.fsunion.org.au/Contact
MEAA Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance www.meaa.org/contact/
NTEU National Tertiary Education Union http://archive.nteu.org.au/contacts
HACSU Health and Community Services Union https://hacsu.asn.au/Contact~22
TPAV The Police Association Victoria https://tpav.org.au/contact
CPSU - Victoria Community & Public Sector Union www.cpsuvic.org/contact/
CPSU - Federal Community & Public Sector Union www.cpsu.org.au/contact
UWU United Workers Union www.unitedworkers.org.au/contact/