HSR Conference 2020 - Risks to Psychological Health

On October 27th 2020, the first entirely online OHS conference was held.

In the year that Covid-19 took hold of the world, the focus of the day was Risks to Psychological Health.

“For the past several years running, WorkCover claims for psychological injury claims are through the roof. We're always getting questions from HSRs about psych health. What are the risks, how do you identify them, and how can I address them? Sometimes psych health can be tougher to understand in the context of a HSR, but HSRs have all the same powers under the Act to address psychosocial hazards in their workplace, and employers have the same duty to address these hazards as they would a physical hazard.”

We heard from the HSRs of the year, Sara Jorgensen and Sally Collier-Clarke as well as Professor Maureen Dollard & Dr Tessa Bailey from Centre for Workplace Excellence on how to identify and address psych hazards in the workplace.

We also had a live Ask Renata session to close out the day, answering as many of the questions that came through as time would allow

This conference was made possible by our friends at Slater and Gordon. 
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All the resources available to the participants on the day are still available, plus the slides from the keynote speakers from the Centre for Workplace Excellence.


Conference Program

Consultation Pad

Risk Survey

Psych health standard

Breakout Sessions

Debrief Sessions

Centre for Workplace Excellence Slides

Survey Tool

A key component of the day was the survey tool, which HSRs can take back to their workplaces to assess psych risks. The survey, once completed, gives practical advice to HSRs on how to the issues you’re experiencing, personalized to you.


In case you couldn’t make it on the day, or wanted to watch your favorite section again, the entire 2020 OHS Conference is available here for you to check out.