EBA Clause Library

This compilation of OHS-related EBA clauses is meant to serve as a place to see how you might use your next EBA negotiations to achieve some wins in health and safety. 

While the Act and the Regulations are enforceable in all workplaces, we know that an EBA can be a good way to get more than the minimum that is legally required by employers. 

Explore by topic or by industry below. We encourage you to look at EBA clauses from industries/unions other than your own, because this may bring a new perspective on what is achievable. 

Clauses have been edited in order to make them applicable beyond their original workplaces, so it may be that you can simply copy and paste into your log of claims! Of course, you are more than welcome to tailor them to your specific needs. 

EBA Clause Library by Reece Gittins