OHS in your industry

The answer to improving health and safety at work is the same across every industry - the involvement of workers in the health and safety decision making process and a commitment to health and safety from management. OHS legislation in Victoria applies to all workplaces equally, there are no exceptions. 

Likewise, the basic skills of health and safety reps can be applied across the whole economy to make sure our workplaces are healthy and safe.  While keeping this broad view of health and safety for all, reps need to be informed and involved in health and safety issues specific to their industry.

This section brings together resources for a range of different industries. You can find out about common hazards and what to do about them, what's happening to improve health and safety in your industry, and how you can get involved.

Go to your industry section to find OHS information relevant to you. 

Please note that new information is added regularly to this section.  Some of the industry sections have more information than others. 

Call Centres
Call centres, now being also referred to as Contact centres, are "modern workplaces" - yet there many OHS issues. There is a very high turnover...
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Construction and Utilities
The construction and utilities industry encompasses all work undertaken in building both commercial and domestic constructions, road and other infrastructure construction.  Workers include building workers,...
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The education industry encompasses public and private schools and colleges, the early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary sector.  Workers in the education sector can be...
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Government (Local, State)
Victoria has 79 local councils, nine State government departments and a number of Agencies.  A very wide range of workers work for local or state...
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Health & Community Services
The health and community sector encompasses public and private hospitals, nursing homes and other aged care facilities, home care services.  Workers in the health and...
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The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing 'service' industries. It has many hazards, including: manual handling exposure to hazardous substances trips, slips and falls...
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Labour Hire
Also on this page: Casual (and Labour Hire) Workers - What are the employer's responsibilities?  Labour Hire - Useful Materials Labour hire workers are workers...
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The manufacturing industry sector in Victoria has over 17,000 employers and over 18,000 individual workplaces registered with the Victorian WorkCover Authority for workers' compensation purposes....
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On 1 January 2008, the regulatory responsibility for workplace health and safety in Victoria's minerals sector was transferred to WorkSafe Victoria. As well as the...
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Apart from information below, you should check WorkSafe's Industry pages, including: Manufacturing; Road Transport; More industries SafeWork Australia has information for agriculture (and other industries)....
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Service Industry
The 'service' industry is very broad and includes the following industries: Call centres Contract cleaning Security industry Hairdressing Retail Hospitality (eg catering, restaurants) is also often...
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Transport, Storage & Trade
More than 68,000 Victorian workplaces fall within the industry areas of storage, transport, wholesale, trade and retail industries. Apart from information below, you should check...
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Office Administration
It is sometimes said that workers who are employed in offices or in administration work in 'safe' workplaces.  However, these workers face a number of hazards...
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