Service Industry

The 'service' industry is very broad and includes the following industries:

  • Call centres
  • Contract cleaning
  • Security industry
  • Hairdressing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality (eg catering, restaurants) is also often included here

The items below will provide more information relevant to workers in these industries.

Service Industry - Resources
This page is updated regularly. WorkSafe has produced a number of relevant 'Injury Hotspots' for a number of these areas, such as hotspots for the...
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Eye tests
There is no specific requirement under Victorian OHS laws for the employer to arrange for eye tests for workers. The WorkSafe publication Officewise: A guide...
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Security Industry: Are there any guidelines?
Workers in the security industry can suffer a wide variety of work-related injuries and illnesses.  WorkSafe has pulled out the workers compensation statistics for the...
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