Government (Local, State)

Victoria has 79 local councils, nine State government departments and a number of Agencies. 

A very wide range of workers work for local or state government, from clerical to outdoor staff.  Workers in the government sector can be exposed to a wide range of hazards which can have serious effects on their health and/or safety.

There has been plenty of research which shows that unionised and organised  workplaces have a better OHS record than un-unionised sites as these sites are far more likely to have well-trained and resourced elected OHS Reps, joint OHS Committees and support from the union.  This applies not only to traditional 'blue collar' workplaces, but so-called 'white-collar' workers too.

Below are some items which might specifically interest you, but also check the general Law & Rights, Hazards and FAQ sections for more information. 

Last updated June 2020

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