Rights and Powers

OHS Reps (and workers more broadly!) have a host of rights and powers guaranteed by the OHS Act 2004, the OHS Regulations 2017 and various compliance codes. These pages are designed to  help you understand your rights to a safe workplace and the powers you have as workers and health and safety representatives (HSRs) to secure these rights. 

HSR/OHS Reps Powers
This page covers the powers you have as health and safety reps [HSRs/OHS Reps]. These powers are granted by the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety...
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OHS Reps' Rights and Important Information
The Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2004 gives rights and powers to elected occupational health and safety representatives, as well as obligations to employers...
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Workers' Rights
All workers have rights under both general legislation and occupational health and safety legislation. Here you can find out more about what those rights are. In...
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