HSR/OHS Reps Powers

This page covers the powers you have as health and safety reps [HSRs/OHS Reps]. These powers are granted by the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004.

Issuing a PIN - how long must I wait?
Under the 2004 OHS Act, a rep can issue a PIN to the employer at any time, but there is a requirement that he or...
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A PIN: How to use it
What is a PIN? A PIN is a Provisional Improvement Notice as per Victoria's Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004). This is a formal notice...
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My PIN is cancelled - what can I do?
If a rep issues a PIN, then it's clear the OHS problem is real and not resolved using the issue resolution as per the OHS...
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Inspectors and PINs
Under the OHS Act, an elected rep has the right to issue a person with a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) if a person is contravening...
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Conduct a workplace inspection
One of the very important powers of elected health and safety representatives is to inspect the workplace (where members of the DWG work) - and...
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Cease Works and Issue Resolution
Part 7, Division 8 - Resolution of health and safety issues There are a number of ways to resolve OHS issues. There are a number of questions...
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