Resuscitation Equipment

This is a 'Hazard Alert' issued by the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU)

Oxygen equipment

The CFMEU has trained advanced first aiders in oxygen therapy and oxygen supplemented resuscitation using a 3 flow (3, 8 and 15 Lt/min) rates using the Oxyguard delivery system. This system is no longer produced and with the new Australian Standard on regulators some of the regulators may need to be replaced. This does not affect all regulators and regulators should be serviced as the manufacturer requires. When your regulator goes for routine maintenance it may need to be replaced.

The following are some guidelines when choosing a new regulator for the delivery of oxygen on construction sites.

  • A multi flow regulator with achievable flow rates of 3, 8 and 15 litres per minute for use with a variety of oxygen delivery devices.
  • As a simple face mask is used, no purge mechanism is required.

Defibrillation equipment

The CFMEU will also be training defibrillation students on both the Survivalink Cardiac Science product and on the Medtronic CR Plus. These have been chosen for their ease of use and care.

Equipment can be purchased from:

  • Diver Alert Network - 9886 9166
  • First Intervention - 9249 5959
  • First Responder - 9742 5673

Or other suppliers.

Authorised by Pat Preston, Manager, CFMEU Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety Unit