Occupational Cancer Resources

As the Zero Occupational Cancer campaigns continues, more and more resources become available.

  • Occupational cancer/Zero Cancer: A union guide to prevention (2007) [pdf]. Produced by the International Metalworkers' Federation, this publication 'kicked off' the campaign
  • Items in the Chemicals section of this website
  • Cancer in the Workplace - a forum held by the Cancer Council Australia in May 2012.  The following presentations can be downloaded from the Cancer Council website:
    • Lucy Servidio, Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Marlborough, Massachusetts – Twenty years of making the Toxic Use Reduction Act work for business in Massachusetts [pdf]
    • Associate Professor Tim Driscoll, Sydney University – The occupational cancer burden: Australia and beyond, [pdf]
    • Dr Peta Miller, SafeWork Australia – Preventing occupational cancer in 2022: Australia's strategic focus, [pdf]
    • Michael Borowick, Australian Council of Trade Unions – The regulatory framework for hazardous substance in Australia: Time for an overhaul, [pdf]
    • Professor Lin Fritschi, Western Institute of Medical Research – Occupational carcinogen exposure: The challenges of uncertainty and management (using shiftwork as an example), [pdf]
    • Associate Professor David Dunstan, Baker IDI – Lifestyle and workstyle: Physical activity and work related cancer risks, [pdf]
  • Cancer Council Australia website on the environmental causes of cancer, including occupational exposures.
  • Papers from the international Occupational and Environmental Cancer Prevention conference, held in April in Stirling, Scotland, in May 2008 can be accessed free on the Stirling University conference website.  There are contributions from top international academic, safety agency, activist and trade union thinkers on the topic, covering issues ranging from the extent of the problem to solutions including toxics use reduction and grassroots campaigns. Papers of particular interest for Australia include:
    • Dr Dick Clapp: Occupational and Environmental Cancer. A global view of the statistics [pdf]
    • Dr Lin Fritschi and Dr Tim Driscoll: Estimating Occupational and Environmental Cancer Burdens in Australia  [pdf]
    • Laurie Kazan-Allen: Successful International Campaigns on Cancer Prevention – Asbestos [pdf]
    •  Fiona Murie: An International Trade Union Perspective on Occupational Cancer [pdf]
    • and more
  • From Canadian cancer and workplace health organisations, a free online course CCOHS work cancer recognition and prevention course.  The course covers recognition and prevention of occupational and environmental cancers and is designed for primary healthcare providers and anyone with an interest in recognising and preventing occupational and environmental cancer.
  • The World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research have made their most recent Expert Report: Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective available online. The website also features publications on Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention as well as related projects

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