Zero Occupational Cancer Campaign

On April 28 2008, International Workers Memorial Day, the ACTU and the VTHC launched the Australian union campaign for Zero Occupational Cancer.

The campaign highlighted that

  • Over 1.5 million workers are exposed to carcinogenic substances
  • Over 13% of all cancer deaths in Australian males are caused by occupational exposures
  • Governments at all levels can do more to prevent these exposures and diseases, including developing a comprehensive national cancer strategy and specifically doing more to address asbestos related issues
  • Regulators, such as WorkSafe, can do more to improve the laws, whilst meanwhile better enforcing the laws that we have
  • Workplace OHS Reps will be provided with information, training and tools to address these issues in their own workplace

In 2013, unions are still seeking to have government regulators focus on cancer causing agents in workplaces.

Last amended February 2015