1 Preliminary

Chapter 1 of the consolidated regulations is the Preliminary Chapter, it has only one part, Part 1.1, which covers all the introductory matters such as the objectives of the regulations, when they commenced, and importantly, the definitions, including the various exposure standards.

1 Objectives

The objectives of these Regulations are -

a) to further the objects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 by—

  1. providing for health and safety in relation to workplaces and hazards, activities and things at workplaces; and
  2. providing for the safe operation of major hazard facilities and mines in order to reduce the likelihood of a serious incident occurring; and
  3. providing for the registration of certain people engaged in construction work at workplaces; and
  4. providing for the licensing of certain people engaged in high risk work at workplaces; and
  5. providing procedures for the resolution of health and safety issues at workplaces; and
  6. specifying the information to be included in entry permits issued under Part 8 of the Act; and
  7. providing for other matters that are required or permitted by the Act or that are necessary to give effect to the Act; and

(b) to further the objects of the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 by—

  1. prohibiting the use of asbestos; and
  2. providing for the protection of property from damage from the use of dangerous goods at major hazard facilities.

The full text of the regulations can be viewed and downloaded from the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website -  click on Victorian Law Today, then on Statutory Rules, and then on "O" to find the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Last amended June 2017

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