External bullying resources

From TUC:

From Comcare:

  • Bullying in the Workplace page with a range of materials for employers and employees on preventing and managing workplace bullying. The guidance includes policy and risk factor checklists, and a risk management tool.

  • Developed jointly with the Australian Public Service Commission and released in July 2013, guidance Working Together: Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work This material has 18 topic areas and includes on creating a respectful workplace, preventing bullying at work, building resilience, talking about mental health, and leaders' roles and responsibilities.  The material takes a preventative approach, recommending that workers' jobs be designed and managed so as not to cause undue stress or excessive workloads. It also recommends involving workers in decisions on how their work is undertaken.

  • Bully Blocking  - An Australian website that looks at bullying at work and at school.

International sources and resources

  • From the UK's HSE:  
    • Bullying at work: a review of the literature [PDF 311kb] A report that reviews the literature on workplace bullying, discussing definitions, methods of investigating, behaviours constituting bullying and the literature on effective interventions.

  • From the European Union's OSHA (and a consortium of organisations including the ILO and WHO):
    • Psychosocial Risk Management Excellence Framework This new resource is a collation of best practice programs in management of psychosocial hazards. The database can be searched according to the type of intervention (primary, secondary or tertiary) and also the country where the intervention was developed/is in place. The PRIMA Inventory of Best Practice covers: Work Related Stress Violence and Bullying and Harassment
    • EU-OSHA says that sexual harassment and violence in the workplace often lead to very serious consequences for the victims. The organisation has produced two infographics which show key data on these issues, explaining the concepts and highlighting the need to take these issues very seriously.  Take a look and spread the information. Healthy Workplaces Campaign on stress and psychosocial risks.

  • From WorkCoverBC (Canada): website on Bullying and Harassment, and a Bullying and harassment prevention tool kit - resources to help employers and workers understand their legal duties, and prevent and address bullying and harassment.

  • From the Swedish Work Environment Authority: Bullying.

  • From the United States - some information and resources on cyberbullying - note that the organisation, Sunshine Behavioural Health, appears to specialise in addiction issues. 

Last amended October 2021