Bullying and Violence

'Bullying and occupational violence are issues that must be seriously addressed by businesses, the workforce and the community.  Employers need to assess the risk, ensure control measures are in place and  join with the workforce to ensure it does not become a problem.'
(From WorkSafe's first publication on Bullying and Violence at Work)

Bullying and violence are legitimate OHS issues - and workers and elected OHS reps have an important role to play in ensuring that their workplaces have adequate policies and procedures in place to prevent bullying and violence occurring as well as ensuring that any alleged instances are dealt with quickly and fairly.

Bullying - what is it?
Bullying isn't something that just happens in school playgrounds. It happens all too often in workplaces, making the daily lives of many workers intolerable. Bullying...
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Bullying - how much of a problem is it?
Most people think of bullying at work as persecuting or ganging up on individuals. But that's only part of the story – most bullying is...
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Occupational health and safety law 
There is nospecific occupational health and safety regulations which covers bullying, or makes it specifically illegal for bullying to occur. Bullying is not specifically addressed...
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Bullying - Action plan for reps
Bullying at work is unacceptable behaviour. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect at work. Bullying is an OHS issue that...
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Inquiry into workplace bullying
In 2012, then Labour Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten announced a review into Bullying in the Workplace, by...
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External bullying resources
From TUC: Guidance for safety representatives on dealing with Bullying at Work. It includes a sample survey form. Bullying at Work - Guidance for Safety...
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Violence at Work
Some workers are at an increased risk of violence either because of where they work, or the type of work that they do. The employer...
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Violence: More information
Australian sources and resources Information for women, including information on violence, from the Victorian Government.  From WorkSafe Victoria - the  Occupational Violence topic page: Preventing...
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Zero Tolerance: the ANF Approach
The ANMF  'Zero Tolerance' occupational violence and aggression policy  was developed in response to concerns expressed by nurses and reported to the union, that acts...
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Violence - Ambulance Officers' Union Guidance
The Ambulance Employees Association of Victoria (AEAV) has a problem of increasing incidence of violence against its members. The union raised its concerns about this...
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Rep Quest: Bullying
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A Guide to Identifying Bullying in the Workplace
About this resource:  This tool is a guide for HSRs to help identify bullying in the workplace. Bullying has a very specific definition in the...
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