Stress is the second most common cause of workplace compensation claims in Australia, after manual handling. Taking into account that many workers do not make claims in the first place, stress is a very serious workplace issue.

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For an overview of job stress and OHS you can also watch our episode of the OHS Reps Live Show on the subject:

Psych Health Standard

In 2020, VTHC developed the Psychological Health Standard as a tool for workers to protect workers with a risk management standard. The full standard is available to be downloaded.

Action Plan for Health and Safety Representatives:
The trade union approach to stress follows the principles of our preferred order of hazard control measures.That is, the emphasis must be on eliminating or reducing...
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Feeling the heat : workers' experiences of job stress in the Victorian community services sector
July 2013 In April this year Lorraine Jessie Harrison, a long-time subscriber to SafetyNet, submitted her PhD thesis looking at workers' views and experiences of...
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Legal Standards for Stress
There is no specific legislation - not even a Code of Practice - on stress in Victoria. However, the employer has a duty under Section...
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Stress information & websites
Some of the following resources are websites - from which you can download documents - others are documents or guidelines. Websites: WorkSafe Victoria: Health and...
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What is Work-Related Stress?
Page Overview Introduction to Work-Related Stress What are the causes of stress? A note on other sources of stress What are the health effects of...
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Workload and stress
Cold Indifference – is this the new normal? Inadequate support, a ridiculous workload and an appalling exit for a committed and seasoned Community Services Worker....
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