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UK: Waste firm convicted after traffic marshal is killed

Grundon Waste Management has been found guilty of a criminal health and safety offence after a traffic marshal was hit and killed by a waste truck at a construction site at the former BBC Television Centre. The incident took place on 22 February 2016. The worker was one of the marshals guiding vehicles down a ramp for the BBC Worldwide Offices during a redevelopment. He was struck and killed by a 26-tonne waste truck as it reversed down the slope into a loading bay.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that Grundon “failed to identify reversing as a hazard that needed to be eliminated or controlled and that suitable actions had not been taken to control the risk of reversing”. In May, Grundon Waste Management Limited was found guilty of a criminal safety offence at Southwark Crown Court and fined £550,000 (AUD$1,004,960) plus £96,874 (AUD$177,008) costs. In November 2020, construction logistics provider, Wilson James Limited, was fined for its role in the incident. It pleaded guilty to a criminal breach and was fined £850,000 (AUD$1,553,270) plus £11,750 (AUD$21,472) in costs. Read more: HSE news release and earlier news release. Source: Risks 999

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