Double adaptors and powerboards - can they be used in workplaces?

In Victoria, under a mandated industry standard, double adaptors cannot be used on building sites.

There is no legislation which prevents the use of double adaptors in other other workplaces. The Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector advises using these with extreme caution, however. They should never be "piggy-backed", for example, and care should be taken that use of double adaptors does not create other hazards, such as tripping hazards.

The Officer of the Chief Electrical Inspector (now Energy Safe Victoria) has produced guidelines on

Energy Safe Victoria has a website and can be contacted for information via phone, email or by visiting one of the offices.

Remember though, that the employer has a general duty of care under the OHS/WHS legislation to identify and control any hazards. This includes hazards related to electricity itself, as well as hazards related to trips and falls - where extensions and powerboards are used. 

Last amended December 2021