Computers and Technology

In most jobs nowadays, you'll have to use a computer. There are many occupational health and safety hazards that come with using computers and technology. To stay safe at work and avoid common injuries like eye strain, back pain and fatigue from screen use, read the material linked in the pages below. It contains a wealth of guidelines and information on OH&S and computers and technology.

Breaks for computer/VDU users?
There is no requirement under Victorian OHS legislation to provide specific breaks to computer/VDU users. However, all workers are entitled to breaks under their award/agreement...
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Computers and Eyesight
Eye Fatigue According to the Optometrists Association Australia (OAA), computer eye fatigue - vision problems and deterioration of eye health from computer use - is...
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Office Hazards: Computers and VDUs - what are the guidelines?
Working with computers or VDUs (visual display units) can cause workers a number of problems. These include stress, visual discomfort, as well as aches and...
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Office hazards: Photocopiers, printers etc
Photocopiers, laser printers, and other electronic duplicating devices are a regular feature of the modern office environment, and some employees may be engaged in their...
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