'Plant' is a general term that refers to machinery, equipment and appliances. Plant is present in most workplaces and includes items such as forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, hoists, chain saws, scaffolding, boilers, power press, elevating work platforms and power tools. Every year, Victorian workers sustain horrific injuries due to unsafe. badly designed or badly maintained plant. Poor guarding, which does not prevent workers from coming into contact with moving parts of a machine, is the most common cause of injury. Astoundingly, in this modern society, there are still incidents which result in workers dying or sustaining serious injuries such as amputations. Also see the Vibration section on this site. For more information, go to the WorkSafe Victoria Plant (Machinery and Equipment) Topic Information page.

Last amended July 2016

Machine Guarding
Unbelievably, many workers each year are still being mangled by unguarded or poorly guarded machinery or equipment (or 'plant'). The results of these accidents are horrific...
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The VTHC OHS Unit often gets enquiries from workers and members of the public regarding what are the particular requirements when it comes to operating certain...
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