COVIDSafe Workplaces Guide Further Reading

This page contains a comprehensive list of further reading to help make your workplace COVID-Safe. All information has been used to inform Victorian Trade Hall Council's COVIDSafe Workplaces Guide. Click on each link to access its specific content. 


Consultation (p.4)


1. Information on an employers duty to consult employees and health and safety reps on COVID-Safety and your rights around consultation. 

2. Information on health and safety representatives and their power in the workplace.

3. A comprehensive breakdown on the legal duties of employers with respect to health and safety, including COVID-Safety. 

4. A comprehensive breakdown on the rights of health and safety representatives. 

5. Victorian Trades Hall Council's breakdown of worker's rights. 


Vaccinations (p.5-6)


1. Click here for information surrounding your OH&S rights at work as an employee.

2. Industry specific information on vaccine mandates. 

3. Victorian Trades Hall vaccine advice.

4. All Public Health Orders relating to vaccine mandates and requirements.

5. For a guide on addressing vaccine hesitancy through conversation, download a copy of Victorian Trades Hall's "Talkin bout' my vaccination" booklet here.

6. How employers should handle your private health and safety information and information on the relevant privacy laws

7. The Victorian Information Commissioners guide to employer/business/corporate privacy obligations.

Checking Vaccination Status (p.6)


1. Guides and templates for checking vaccination status, dealing with difficult customers and de-escalating situations that arise from checking vaccination status. 

2. Victorian Government advice for checking vaccination status.

3. Proof of Vaccination Status.

COVIDSafe Plans (p.7)


1. Victorian Government guidance around what a COVIDSafe plan must contain.

2. Victorian Trades Hall advice on COVID-19.

3. Information on additional industry obligations including high-risk industry obligations

QR Code Check-Ins (p.7)


1. Victorian Government guide on checking QR codes.

2. A COVID Marshall may be required to check QR Code status. For information on how to assign them and where they are required click here.

Face Masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (p.8)

1. Worksafe's guide to face-masks in the workplace.

2. The Australian Council of Trade Unions advice on best practice PPE, workers rights around PPE and employer obligations regarding PPE provision.


Physical Distancing & Density Requirements (p.8)


1.. Signs, posters and templates for your workplace.

Cleaning & Hand-Washing (p.8)


1. Information on cleaning and disinfection to reduce the spread of COVID-19 from the Victorian Government. 

2. The Victorian Government's guide to deep cleaning. 

Ventilation (p.9)

1.Victorian Trade Hall's comprehensive overview of best practice workplace ventilation.

2. The Australian Council of Trade Unions ventilation factsheet. 

Access to payments if required to miss work (p.9)


1. Financial and other support available if required to isolate or miss work due to COVID-19.

2. More information on available financial support if required to isolate or miss work due to COVID-19. 


Getting to Work (p.10)


1. COVIDSafety advice when travelling on public transport.

2. COVIDSafety advice when car-pooling.

3. Managing COVID risks in the office environment.


Getting Tested (p.11)


1. Information on when you should get tested and where you can get tested for coronavirus.

2. Information on temperature screening to manage COVID-19 risk. 



Psychological Considerations that come with COVID-19 (p.12)

1. Psychosocial hazards, what the law says about these hazards and your rights at work with respect to psychological injury.

2. COVID-19 specific mental health information.


Contingency Planning (p.13)


1. Information on what to do if there is a confirmed case at your workplace.