Asbestos removalists - how can I find a suitable one?

Part 4.4 (Asbestos) of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 requires that any asbestos removal work on commercial sites be done by a licensed removalist.

Limited removal without a license is permissable ONLY if the asbestos to be removed is in a good condition (non-friable) and a very small quantity, and the removal takes no more than one hour in any seven day period. Very limited amounts of asbestos-contaminated dust can also be removed if it constitutes no more than a 'minor contamination'. However, it is our view that asbestos-contaminated dust should only be removed by licensed removalists.

However, this does not necessarily apply in homes. Householders can legally remove asbestos themselves, from their own home, though certain requirements MUST be followed for both health and safety and legal reasons. This only applies if there are no paid workers involved. More information on removing asbestos in homes is on this website.

The Victorian Trades Hall Council (03 9659 3511) maintains a list of licensed removalists who have also signed an agreement with the VTHC to operate according to a code of conduct. We recommend that any asbestos removal be undertaken by one of the removalists on our list, which is updated every 3 months. All removalists on the VTHC list are licensed by WorkSafe Victoria as required under the regulations.

Important Note: While the VTHC cannot guarantee the quality of the work performed by the listed removalists, the Asbestos Committee monitors their adherence to the Agreement and Code of Conduct and reserves the right to remove a company not complying.

By signing the agreement the removalist company agrees, amongst other things, to:

  1. have an EBA with the relevant union
  2. ensure all the workers are trained by the union
  3. gurarantee all workers are getting all entitlements 
  4. ensure they have adequate insurance 
  5. provide the VTHC with details of their license
  6. Notify the VTHC as well as WorkSafe of the removal jobs they undertake
  7. agree to comply with requirements under the OHS Act and regs (including notifying HSR at worksite of the job they're doing)

These undertakings maximise the likelihood that the removal company is complying will all legal requirements, including proper training and payment of their workers. If you have any concerns that a removalist on the register has not adhered to any condition of the Agreement or the Code, please contact us at the Unit on 03 9659 3511.

Domestic removals: Some companies will do small jobs - call them to discuss your needs (start with the ones with a D first).


No 104

Date: 21 December 2015  - this is the latest version.
Remains current until next list issued
(Note that List 104 replaces List 103)

NOTE: a number of Class A Removalists' listing was temporarily suspended on December 21, 2015. These are marked in the table below.

CLASS A Asbestos Removalists
All forms of Asbestos Containing Material (friable and non-friable) Removal
Name of company Address Telephone Licence number
A Plus Building Solutions
27 - 31 Coora Rd 
Oakleigh South
9545 6200 /
0433 147 734
AAH Contracting Pty Ltd
Factory 4, 5 Sherwood Crt
Wantirna South
9887 4342 H03/02269
Absolute Asbestos Removal Pty Ltd
PO Box 498
0419 321 399 H03/03305
Asbestos Removalist Pty Ltd
PO Box 209
Lower Plenty
9435 4511 H05/00472
ATS Australasian Technical Services Pty Ltd
Office 10, 15 Ricketts Road, Mount Waverly  9541 6900 H03/03018
Australia Wide Asbestos Removal Encapsulation (AWARE) Pty Ltd 79 Industrial Dr
9580 5326 H03/03669
Chapman Gardner Pty Ltd
Factory 24, 65-67 Canterbury Rd
9728 8477 H03/02255
Dynamic Industries Pty Ltd 2 Tennyson St
Williamstown North
 9399 9817/
0418 358 891
Elite Building and Environmental Services Pty Ltd 62 Buckland St
9543 4322 H03/02838
Fibre Control Pty Ltd 73 Sixth Ave
Eden Park
9715 1533 H03/02340
Hazrem Pty Ltd
15 Ayton St
Sunshine North
9311 9041 H11/00220
Kennedy Plumbing Pty Ltd
2-4 Southey St
9397 1955 H03/03414
MGR Industries Pty Ltd 32 Percy St
9580 9499 H03/03486
PB Demolition and Asbestos Removal Pty Ltd PO Box 183
Altona North
9397 8350 H14/02098
Veolia Environmental Services
(Trading as Vac-Tec Group Pty Ltd)
PO Box 176
(Do all of Victoria, including Melbourne)
Mobile 0407343013
Western Sheetmetal & Insulation Pty Ltd
Lot 330 Forest Rd

5275 6400 /0418520729

Zealmore Australia Pty Ltd 33 Albermarle St,
9399 9766 H03/02334

NOTE: there has been one change to the Class A list: Cobra Contracting Services Pty Ltd,  recently downgraded to a Class B Removalist and subsequently decided to come off our list altogether.

CLASS B Removalists
All types of non-friable asbestos containing material (eg cement sheeting or vinyl tiles)
Name of company Address Telephone Licence Number
Aptum Pty Ltd
(formerly B & M Aldridge)
826 Mountain Highway
9720 6336 H06/03889
Bernie Leen & Sons Pty Ltd 9-15 Riversdale Rd
5222 2675 H03/01510
De Construct Demolition Pty Ltd
5 England St
Dandenong South
9768 3909
/0419 325 114
Deja One Pty Ltd PO Box 143
5229 2799 H03/03525
Delta Pty Ltd 577 Plummer St
Port Melbourne
9646 8277 H04/05137
G & J Crosby Contractors
65 Erinmore Court
5192 4209 H03/03030
Hayden Industries Pty Ltd
9 Brighton Retreat
8794 9384 H07/01056
Impact Demolition Victoria
PO Box 278
0427 689 218 H04/00910
Lankos Services Pty Ltd
2 Druitt Place Taylors Hill 3037 8390 8466 /
0424 414 104
Rafferty The Wrecker (Aust) Pty Ltd Suite 10, 15 Ricketts Road
Mount Waverly
9541 6999 H04/00057
Western District Asbestos Removers
Pty Ltd
3 Florence St
5562 2783 H03/02893
For more information, contact the following union contacts
Gerry Ayers CFMEU (Building) 03 9341 3444
Steve Rocco CEPU (Plumbing) 03 9662 3388
Janet Marshall AEU (Education) 03 9417 2822
Renata Musolino VTHC 03 9659 3511

NOTE: under the new licensing system, the WorkCover Authority issues the following classes of licences:

  • Class A
  • Class A (Restricted)
  • Class B
  • Class B (Restricted)

As at August 2014, no company with a restricted license had applied to be included on our Asbestos Removalist List.

There are many other asbestos removal companies that are licensed by WorkSafe Victoria.The above companies have gone the step further and applied for listing on the VTHC list. You can check whether a removalist you come across has an asbestos removalist licence on the 'Service Provider Directory' on the WorkSafe website.

Last amended December 2017