Asbestos - in the home

This page gives you information on a number of different topics to do with asbestos in the home.

Asbestos in homes, and the removal of it, is not regulated under OHS legislation, UNLESS the home becomes a worksite - that is, if workers are undertaking work (such as renovations) at a private residence. If this is the case, then the asbestos chapter (Part 4.4) of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2017 applies.  Note that the duties apply to the employer of those workers, or, if self-employed, to the worker themselves, not the home owner.

Before even thinking of removing any asbestos yourself, think about it seriously and taking a look at very informative video The Third Wave, produced by Asbestoswise, a support and advocacy group.  Is it worth potentially exposing yourself, your family and even your neighbours to this deadly fibre? Any removal work done by non-professionals must be done in a manner that does not create a risk. Remember, however, that if the removal work is being done by a paid worker, then Part 4.4 of the regulations must be complied with.

An amusing short video, with a very important message though is: "Breath-taking renovations". The video gives potential DYIers great advice on potential dangers in the home.

Last amended November 2021