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Should a HSR be notified of an incident where a member of his/her DWG is injured? Whether or not that person needed medical attention - GP or hospital?

Of course it is our view that HSRs need to know the hazards and injuries in their workplace, how else can workers be involved in collaboratively making their workplaces safer? But it’s not just us – WorkSafe think so too.

Page 36 of their excellent Employee Representation Guidebook has the following to say:

Should an HSR be made aware if a member of their DWG is injured?


The information provided by the employer to the HSR, needs to be specific in relation to:

  • the area and/or tasks being performed at the workplace where the injury occurred
  • the actual or potential workplace hazards leading to the injury

For example, an HSR may immediately inspect any part of a workplace if a member of their DWG is injured. To enable this, the employer needs to inform any relevant HSRs if a DWG member is injured at work.

In addition, an employer must allow an HSR access to information in relation to the health and safety of the members of the DWG, which includes providing an HSR with information if a DWG member is injured at work. (See page 49 for further information).

It is WorkSafe’s expectation that an employer would provide an HSR for his/her DWG with information regarding any workplace injury of members of the DWG.

This would include physical and psychological injuries.

This information must not disclose any medical information of the injured person unless the employer has the injured person’s consent.

The relevant sections of our OHS Act are section 58, section 58(1)(d), section 69(1) and section 69(2).

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