What is the patient weight limit that you should use a HoverMatt for perioperative theatre bed transfer? I thought it was 100kg, but others I work with say it is 120kg.

The weight limit for using a HoverMatt, like any workplace equipment, can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer's specifications. Typically, HoverMatts are available in various weight capacities to accommodate a range of patients, depending on the specific model.

Sections 29 and 30 of our OHS Act require manufacturers and suppliers to provide adequate information to ensure the HoverMatt is safe when used for its intended purpose. Manufacturers and suppliers must also furnish this information, upon request, to anyone planning to use or currently using the HoverMatt.

Furthermore, as outlined in section 21(2)(e), your employer is responsible for providing the necessary information, instruction, training, or supervision to enable workers to perform their work safely.

According to section 69(1)(a)(i) of the Act, your employer must grant a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) for the designated work group (DWG) access to information related to actual or potential hazards associated with the use of equipment.

With your understanding of the above provisions, we encourage you to collaborate with your DWG and request that your employer provides sufficient instruction, training, supervision, and information necessary to ensure HoverMatts are used safely and without risks to health.

We also highly recommend reaching out to your Union for assistance. Your Union fees contribute, among other things, to employing OHS Officers with industry-specific skills and knowledge to help with questions just like this one.

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