SafetyNet 589

Welcome to the August 18/19 edition of SafetyNet.

Our subscribers will be award that Melbourne's lockdown will now be extended to September 2 - with even stricter restrictions. 

The situation in NSW is not yet under control, with over 400 cases reported each day this week - and over 630 reported on Wednesday. This triggered the lockdown being extended, finally, to the whole of NSW. 

Featured in this issue:


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This week in SafetyNet: QLD introduces public sector reproductive health leave, experts and unions unite on asbestos removal, COVID dumped from deemed diseases list, progress in Indonesia on asbestos, $250k in fines...
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SafetyNet 713
This week in SafetyNet: VTHC releases Asbestos Soil Contamination Standard, opportunity to push on airborne hazards, distilleries face their first OHS audits; introducing our new Hierarchy of Controls webpage; and $1.2 million fine in NSW...
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This week in SafetyNet: a new tool for HSRs, International Workers' Memorial Day highlights, six key climate risks for workers, research on technology-facilitated harassment, a concerning case study on welding fumes, dropped...
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