COVID, occupational stress and positive psychological capital

The COVID 19 pandemic challenged our livelihood, physical health, mental health, employment, and economy.  Lockdowns, quarantines, online teaching, and learning have become new normal. 

The negative effects, spread across the globe and society, caused a confused mindset, fear, anxiety, stress, and other psychological complications, especially amongst Health Care Workers (HCWs), children, elderly people, and Frontline Workers (FLWs).

In this work, the researcher examined the levels of Occupational Stress (OS), and psychological well-being (PWB) of HCWs and police personnel during the pandemic and the relationship between OS and PWB. Further, the study analyzed the role of Positive Psychological Capital (PPC) as a mediator and Emotional Quotient (EQ) as a moderator in the relationship between OS and PWB.

The researcher, from the School of Business and Management, CHRIST (Deemed University), Bangalore, Karnataka India, found that Positive Psychological Capital (PPC) characteristics of the respondents such as believing in their own ability and performance, willingness to succeed or attain the goals framed, ability to bounce back from the hard times, and their optimism about the future helped them to tackle the stress caused by the pandemic and to maintain a better state of psychological wellbeing in the fight against the pandemic. 
Read more: T.Ravikumar, Occupational stress and psychological wellbeing during COVID 19: Mediating role of positive psychological capital [Full articleCurrent Psychology, Vol 5, no 1-8

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