Ask Renata - Do workplaces still need to have a COVIDSafe Plan in place?

It's a topical question, given workplace order #10 - the directive underpinning the requirement to have a COVIDSafe Plan - was revoked 12 October. On 14 October the language used on the Victorian Government’s COVIDSafe Plan page was revised from ‘must’ to ‘should.’



'Every Victorian business or organisation with on-site operations should keep a COVIDSafe Plan at each workplace.'

The relevant employer duty now reverts to the general duty in section 21 of the OHS Act - to provide a workplace, so far as is reasonably practicable, that is safe and without risks to health.

Whilst a formal COVIDSafe Plan is no longer mandated, the employer must have controls in place to protect workers from the risk of infection. Therefore controls formerly found in COVIDSafe Plans should carry over, to be reviewed and revised as necessary, as per any hazard management process.

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