Asbestos Awareness Week 2021

Get informed and take action to protect your coworkers from asbestos exposure.

It's easy to think asbestos is a thing of the past, but think again. If you're working in a building built before 2003, you're at risk of asbestos exposure.

Health and safety reps have the power to take action to protect Victorian workers from asbestos. If you wait until an asbestos exposure to take action in your workplace, you've waited too long.

Act Now.

If you're a HSR, we've got an action plan ready for you to take action in your workplace.

Get informed.

Start by watching the Asbestos Awareness Week webinar with Simone Stevenson, CEO of the Victorian Asbestos Eradication Agency, and Peter Clarke, asbestos expert at CFMEU, to get the information you need.


Next step is to find out where asbestos is lurking in your building - by requesting to see the asbestos register.

If you're working in a building built before 2003 or a building suspected to contain asbestos, your employer must keep an up-to-date asbestos register.


Download our asbestos register checklist to make sure the asbestos register is up to scratch:

If you're unsure of how to check a register and what to look for, watch the liveshow - Peter takes us through the checklist and what's important around the 20 minute mark.

Don't forget to contact your union and get them involved.

Find more information and further action to take here.

Hear from Cameron, who is an AEU member and HSR, about how he took action on asbestos at the school he works at to protect himself, his colleagues and his students.

Not a HSR?

Ask your health and safety rep to watch the liveshow and take action on your behalf. If you don't have a HSR, you should consider electing a HSR. Health and safety reps have strong powers under the OHS Act (2004) to hold employers to account and push for safer, healthier workplaces. Talk to your union or find out more about health and safety reps here.

Why is this important?

Asbestos might have been banned, but the legacy lives on. Thousands of homes and buildings in Victoria contain asbestos, in varying conditions, and as long as the asbestos is there, workers are at risk.

Everyday, workers in buildings containing asbestos are at risk of disturbing the material and being exposed. Tradesman in particular, like sparkies and plumbers, are especially at risk.

Don't wait for an asbestos exposure to make your work place safer. If you're working in a building built before 2003, you need to take action now.



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