HSR Card Print-Out

HSR Card Print-Out

This is a customizable business card you can print out at work to give to members of your DWG to inform them of your role as an HSR. 

Download the file, edit the details and print it out on card paper. 

After putting in your details, we recommend exporting it as a PDF and following the printing instructions below.



When selecting pages to print, choose page 1.

In your printing settings, select 'shrink oversized pages'.

Choose your colour and paper type settings.

Choose the tray you will be printing from. 

Click print. 


Once you have page 1 printed, put the printed paper back into the tray printed-side facing down.

Go back to your computer and open the print settings again. 

Follow the same settings instructions as before, except this time, when selecting pages to print, choose page 2. 

Make sure you choose the same tray as before.

Click print.


You should now have a double-sided HSR card that you can give to co-workers.