If a Forklift Operator loses their car licence for whatever reason, is their licence to perform high risk work still valid? Or are they unable to operate a forklift until they get their car licence back?

The short answer is 'No’- all you need is your forklift licence… except if you are driving it on a public road.

If a forklift has to be driven outside the workplace on a public road, it must be registered and have number plates. In addition to holding a current forklift licence, the operator must also hold a current Victorian driver's licence.

In Victoria, requirements for obtaining a forklift operating license are regulated by WorkSafe Victoria, so check the WorkSafe Victoria website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Typically, to obtain a forklift operating license, an individual must meet certain criteria, including meeting the minimum age requirement, completing a specified training course, and passing a practical assessment.

If you are ‘in training’ you are permitted to operate a forklift without a licence until such time as you are competent enough to be assessed.  

You must be within sight and sound of a licensed operator at all times. It is not sufficient that there is a licensed operator SOMEWHERE on the premises. 

For someone to be considered to be ‘in training’, they should be undergoing and currently enrolled in a training course - it is not acceptable for a person to be ‘in training’ indefinitely. 

See our Forklift Safety page for more information and links to additional resources.

We’d also strongly encourage you to contact your mighty Union for additional guidance and support.

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