HSR Team Placement


VTHC are looking for up to 3 individuals to participate in a 5 day OHS placement with the OHS Team. 

2023 dates are Monday 1 May – Friday 5 May 

Please email a cover letter and a copy of your work history (e.g. a CV) to [email protected].


VTHC is the peak body for unions in Victoria. It provides industrial support for affiliated unions and runs campaigns to promote the interests of Victorian workers. 

Occupational health and safety which is core union business. The OHS Team’s role is to work with unions and stakeholders to identify workplace safety and rights issues, educate Health and Safety Representatives and workers generally about their safety and rights and support and organise them in enforcing these when they have been put at risk. It also campaigns on OHS and Workers Compensation issues to improve the lives of all workers, including injured workers. 


The focus of this placement is to offer training on the role, powers and entitlements of HSRs that complements and deepens the WorkSafe approved training. 

The program will look at concepts and frameworks regarding organising around OHS issues, how to advocate for change, and how to apply these to connect with union activists. 


  • Current or previous experience as an HSR or deputy HSR.
  • Commitment to social justice, trade union principles and the belief that everyone should come home safe from work;
  • Some knowledge of the OHS legal framework through previous HSR training; 

 Key learning outcomes: 

  • Adopt a collective approach when addressing workers health and safety at work. 
  • Identify work health and safety organising opportunities. 
  • Describe and apply the steps within the risk management approach. 
  • Justify safe work practices to relevant stakeholders. 
  • Develop research skills to make evidence-based arguments for the implementation of stronger hazard controls. 

The placement will run for 5 days, including 4 days with the VTHC OHS Unit and 1 day with an affiliate union. The program will incorporate a research project into an OHS-related topic of your choice. 


This is an unpaid placement but there is a grant $812.60 is available to candidate with no access to paid leave such as casual workers.