Air Quality Standard

On the 30th of January 2020, VTHC launched a new standard, highlighting the link between workers health and air quality, as well as what employers and HSRs can do proactively to keep workers safe from poor air quality.

Please download the air quality standard below.

VTHC air quality standard

What is Radiation?
Radiation [or Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), is energy in a wave form. It is described by its frequency (measured in hertz) and its wavelength (measured in...
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Action plan for HSRs Legal Standards What is Ionising Radiation? What are the health effects of Ionising Radiation? Action Plan for Health and Safety Reps...
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Action plan for health and safety representatives
Action plan for health and safety representatives Legal Standards More Information on non-ionising radiation What is it? Where does it occur? Measurement What are the...
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Sunlight - Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation
Sunlight is ultraviolet radiation - a serious risk for many Australian workers. The Australian sun can be very dangerous, and unfortunately, Australians have a very high risk...
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Mobile Phones
There can be issues surrounding the use of mobile phones, so how should reps deal with this potential hazard in the workplace?Mobile phones are extremely common in...
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Phone Towers
Workers are often concerned when phone towers, antennas or transmitters are installed on the roof of their workplace.  This page provides information to OHS reps...
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What are lasers? Lasers were developed out of post World War 2 technology. Some types of laser equipment are now used in industry. 'Laser' means...
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Radiation - websites
There are many websites with information on radiation.  Here are a few: EMFacts Consultancy This Australian site, run by consultant Don Maisch, has a number of...
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