Weekly COVID numbers

From 24 February - 2 March, Victoria recorded 

3,016 total cases for the past week (-0.9%) 
3 COVID deaths on average each day over the past week  
104 (+3%) cases in hospital (7 day rolling average) with 4 in ICU (7 day rolling average)

Cumulatively this equals 

7,338 Victorian COVID deaths (21 more than last week) 
2,867,188 cases recovered 

You can check the Victorian weekly update here 

As of 7 March, there have been 11,385,534 COVID cases in Australia and 19,459 COVID deaths (86 more than last week) 

As of 7 March, there had been 680,735,664 worldwide infections with COVID-related deaths numbering 6,805,598 (Source: Worldometer) 

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