SafetyNet 498

Welcome to Sam's final SafetyNet! With Renata returning to work next week, SafetyNet will be back in her safe hands. Apologies for a slightly shorter than usual SafetyNet this week, with Renata back next week, things should be back in full swing.

Massive prosecutions this week, particularly around a landmark asbestos case, which awarded a massive $3,000,000 to the victim.

Importantly, we're having a launch party for the new OHS and Injured Workers Support Network websites on the 14th of August. It's a big win that's really worth celebrating. RSVP here:

As always, your feedback helps to keep SafetyNet as useful for the OHS Network as possible. If you have any feedback on this week's edition on SafetyNet, please send it straight on to Sam at [email protected]. Love it or hate it, we want to know about it. So don't hesitate to send your thoughts through.

To keep up to date and informed between editions of SafetyNet, go to our We Are Union: OHS Reps Facebook page. This Monday we're having part 2 of our special 2 part series live show on stress at work, so get your questions ready for that one! If you're a HSR you should join the OHS Network Facebook

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