Tool Kit

The Tool Kit is a kit of practical tools including mapping, "how to..." and checklists to assist reps in the workplace. Much of the material can be downloaded, amended and saved.

Behaviour Based Safety Programs
Behavioural Based Safety [BBS] is an approach to safety that focuses on workers' behaviour as the cause of most work-related injuries and illnesses. These programs...
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These are sample checklists which can be amended and saved by Health and Safety Representatives and others in the workplace to assist with inspections identify...
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How to be a HSR, guides to common practices.
Reps in workplaces often find they're the ones actually 'doing' things - like doing workplace inspections, surveying members of their Designated Work Groups and so...
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Mapping involves analysing the workplace and grouping workers and systems of work to better understand issues in the workplace. There are a number of ways...
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Other tools
Find a range of posters on different OHS issues below. If you've got a suggestion for a new tool, or if you can't find the...
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Find a range of posters on different OHS issues below - print them out and display them in your workplace! If you've got a suggestion...
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