HSR Conference 2019

Another annual OHS conference is over

We hope everyone who attended was able to take something new back to their workplaces.

In 2019, the OHS conference was our biggest ever. For the first time, the conference had a presence in four regional locations, Bendigo, Wodonga, Churchill and the latest addition, Portland. In Melbourne, despite mining protests outside the Melbourne Convention Centre, we got over 1,000 HSRs inside.

Gendered Violence

In 2019, while the theme of the topic was emerging OHS issues, this theme was used by many to have conversations around women OHS conference hosted conversations around gendered violence. What it is, the effect it can have on workers, why it's a health and safety issue, and how we can start to combat it.

We also dived into an extended presentation with Lisa Heap, walking HSRs though the issue of gendered violence. She made note that while it's not easy to talk about an act on, the tasks that the union movement take up rarely are. You can watch her full presentation here.


HSR Of The Year

We also heard from the outgoing HSR of the year, Daniel Gili, the HSR at Diamond Valley Pork. A man who showcases the absolute best of what a HSR can be.

We're currently in planning for the OHS conference for 2020. If you've got any feedback on the 2019 conference as a participant, or ideas for areas of focus for the 2020 conference - email OHS Online Organiser Sam Danby at [email protected]

See you at the 2020 conference.