As of Tuesday 29th November 2022, Victoria recorded:  

4,149 new daily infections   
19 COVID deaths  
551 hospitalisations, with 22 currently in ICU

Cumulatively this equals:     

2,728,384 total Victorian infections  
6,022 Victorian COVID deaths (an increase of 51 since last week)  

You can check the Victorian live update here.  

Australia: As of the 29th of November, there have been a total of 10,651,218 COVID cases (an increase of 87,131 since last week) and 16,119 deaths (an increase of 112 since last week).  

World: As of 29th November, there had 646,510,245 been worldwide infections (643,446,090 last week). The number of official COVID-related deaths is now 6,637,630 (Source: Worldometer).   


94.4% of all eligible Victorians (16+), as of 29th November, have received their second dose, 95.5% their first dose.  For the third dose the figure is 70.2% (16+).  

The figure for all eligible Australians (16+), for the same date is First Dose 97.3%, Second Dose 95.9%, the third dose 69.3% and the fourth dose 25.3% (16+). 

Check COVID-Live for Updates.

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