This section of the website has an overview and summary of OHS law:

  • Overview of OHS law in Victoria
  • Victoria's 2004 OHS Act
  • Regulations - the consolidated 2017 Regulations 
  • Compliance Codes
  • Codes of Practice (1985 Act) - now only part of 'state of knowledge' and progressively being replaced by Compliance Codes
  • Comcare - for federal workplaces (government departments, Australia Post, etc) and an increasing number of national companies, the Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act, 1991.

And your rights as:

The main piece of legislation which covers occupational health and safety in most Victorian workplaces is the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2004To read more detail about the Act, click on this heading in the column on the left.

As well as the Act, there are the consolidated Regulations and Compliance Codes (progressively replacing the old Codes of Practice). Regulations are law, and must be complied with, whereas codes are not law, but advice on how to comply. For an overview of the system, and more background information, see OHS and related information. 

In the overview you will also find information on related legislation, and a list of the regulations and codes of practice. A brief description of the regulations and codes under the OHS Act is also provided.  For more detailed information on each of regulations and the codes, click on those headings in the column on the left.

The latest authorised versions 2004 Act and Regs can be downloaded (in both pdf and word format) FREE on the Victorian government legislation repository website.

To purchase hard copied, go to this site as well. A 'Buy printed Act/SR' button is now located next to the latest authorised version, and when selected will take the user to the authorised printer's website (LitSupport/TIMG) to make the purchase. Note that users can still open and download the legislation for their own use

Last amended October 2019