The consolidated Occupational Health and Safety Regulations were declared on July 1, 2007, replacing regulations made under the 1985 Act. These mainly remake the previous Regulations. Each of the individual chapters (parts) are summarised  below.

The main changes in the 2007 regulations are:

  • more consistency with National Standards: some new obligations for employers and workers engaged in high-risk work.
  • more detail on how employers must involve OHS reps in consultations (Part 2.1 - General Duties)
  • A new dedicated set of minimum standards for the construction industry part of the Hazardous Industries Chapter of the regulations (Part 5.1 - Construction) 

On July 1, 2014, thirty one mainly administrative amendments were incorporated into the 2007 Regulations (the summaries have been updated to include these).

Hard or soft copies, or CD ROMs of the Victorian OHS Act and Regulations can now only be purchased from SAI Global (see the website for more information).The full text of the regulations can be viewed and downloaded from the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website -  click on Victorian Law Today, then on Statutory Rules, and then on "O" to find the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Note that Victoria decided in 2011 to not adopt the Model WHS Regulatory package. Consequently, the legislation in Victoria is the 2004 OHS Act, the 2007 Regulations and various Compliance Codes.

Last amended October 2016


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